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My name is Rachel, and this is my trail buddy Cisco, a 14 year old Missouri River Fox Trotter who was rescued from a kill pen six years ago.  He loves to go on new adventures, and it makes us the perfect match!  We are based out of Manteo, NC, and I'm blessed with many other trail riding friends who have served as an inspiration for my tack.  My husband is in the Coast Guard, meaning this Seattle girl has moved over 9,000 miles in the past eleven years.  My goal is to document some of these excursions before we move on to the next adventure, and improve my tack to bring people new and beautiful items that will last a lifetime.

I'm often accompanied by my daughters, Rylie and Emma, on their horses, Razzle and Tex. They love riding, spotting wildlife, and camping. Rylie has been riding her pony Razzle for about six years now, and Emma has moved from sitting in front of me bareback on the ever steady and honest 25 year old Quarter Horse gelding Jasper (belonging to my dear friend Jamie) into riding by herself on Tex.  I work as a full time tack maker, and love every minute of time I get to spend in my studio!

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